Shibari rope care

Pink Hemp Shibari Rope

The candy pink hemp shibari rope is a novelty pink colour, ideal for adding a playful twist to your bondage adventure. This rope is suitable for suspension, decoration as well as self-tie and bedroom play purposes. To clean your hemp shibari rope, chain knot or Braid rope and place into a pillowcase or lingerie bag (if using a pillowcase tie it closed) Wash your rope on a cold short and gentle setting with a small amount of rope soap. If you need, add an extra spin cycle to the rope to remove excess water. Leave your rope braided or knotted and allow it to hang dry for 2 days. When the outside of the rope is dry, unknot and allow to dry for 4-5 more days although it may take longer depending on the humidity. To re-oil your rope, use a 5-cent piece size amount of oil, rope oil or alternatively unscented baby oil can be used. Run the rope through the oil and store in a cool dry place. Avoid animal or plant-based oils as they can cause the rope to go stale and eventually become rotten." Please do not confuse our candy pink hemp Shibari rope with our minty coloured Hemp Shibari rope as they are very different in texture and purpose.

Nylon Shibari Rope

Rope washing should be easy and efficient, so that you can get back to enjoying your rope collection as soon as possible. For your nylon Shibari rope recommend using a little polyester rope soap and washing your ropes on an extra spin cycle. They can also be washed in lingerie bags or pillowcases, but as long as they are not knotted/braided this shouldn't be an issue! If your rope has been knotted or braided, you will have to take it out before washing in order to avoid shrinkage on the rope due to twisting. Once washed and thoroughly dried, store all ropes away from direct sunlight and heat, which will damage their fibers over time. Nylon shibari rope is a synthetic material that's great for making shibari and Japanese bondage, however, should always be used carefully. Due to its synthetic nature, nylon can be used safely in most environments and will often last longer than cotton or other natural rope alternatives. Please inspect your rope before use and discard it if it is brittle or damaged in any way.

Cotton Shibari Rope

Cotton shibari rope is a very popular rope for decorative bondage and elaborate pattern designs. Made from cotton fiber, it's very light weight and soft. We recommend hand washing to preserve the life of your rope. Cotton shibari ropes should be hung to dry in a cool, dry place with good ventilation. Cotton rope is designed to look good, feel great and last for years. To keep your cotton shibari ropes looking their best, treat them with care. Exposure to dry heat can denature the fibres leaving them dull in colour and prone to fraying or breakage. Cotton fibers will absorb moisture if left wet and take a long time to dry out again so avoid washing unless absolutely necessary.

Silk Bamboo Shibari Rope

Our silk bamboo rope is perfect for anyone who loves Shibari! This unique material has a hardiness that is comparable to that of cotton, but it is also soft, which makes it perfect for wrapping around you or your partner’s body and provides a non-abrasive, natural, and gentle touch. This soft yet strong material makes it ideal for shibari (traditional Japanese rope bondage) as well as general bondage, suspension, and other forms of play. It's also great for decorative purposes in many different designs and styles ranging from exotic to elegant. The durability of the weaves means that this product has a long-life span and will serve you for many years. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around or use in any project. Our Silk Bamboo Shibari Rope is very easy to clean, just hand wash with cold water and a small amount of rope soap at any time. Do not use the washer or dryer, as they will run the risk of moisture damage and stretching. Washing the rope in clean water is recommended, as well as gently rubbing it with your hands. Do not apply too much pressure during this process or you may cause the strands to fray. After the cleanse, hang them outdoors to dry in a cool, shady place or under an air flow for heat-resistance. Sometimes gentle stretching helps keep its original shape and proper lay during drying, so we recommend directing some gentle tugs on it when in coils or 'S' shapes."

Minty Hemp Shibari Rope

Stop! Our Soft Hemp Shibari Rope is LITERALLY the softest and most comfortable rope available. Never feeling dry or itchy, it can be used for any skill level and skin type. Made from 100% hemp. This rope has a soft texture that will not cause chafing or rubbing on your skin. It's 100% biodegradable too! And since it's made from hemp, it's all natural and renewable. We recommend only hand wash with a mild soap and absolutely do not recommend machine washing or drying as this may cause damage to the fibers. Always hand wash your hemp rope with cold water and a small amount of rope soap. Do not use the washer or dryer, as they will run the risk of moisture damage and stretching. Washing the ropes in clean water is recommended, as well as gently rubbing them with your hands.

Jute Shibari Rope

Our Jute Shibari rope is perfect for rope enthusiasts who want to explore suspension and ties alike. Our jute rope is also durable enough to bind, tie or restrain someone to another object such as furniture etc. It should always be stored carefully in a cool dry place away from elements that may damage or break the rope but that can’t be helped if you use it outdoors make sure it doesn’t get wet or get left out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. When cleaning your jute shibari rope, after each use especially if you leave your jute used to bond with sweat wash it out with water only and dry fully before storing again so it’s not damp which will cause bacteria growth over time. To clean your jute used for tying make sure you remove any excess loose ends hanging as they could get caught on your skin/body during play time/suspension time etc and cause slippage which can hurt during suspension without you being aware until it happens therefore removing all loose ends first is paramount before using such ropes as this in any form.