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Our story

Tiana & Mia

In 2024, we introduce Lolli Wraps, size-inclusive intimates, lounge, and sleepwear. A brand sprinkled with the sweetness of dreams and the comfort of clouds. 

Our journey began with Lolli Wraps X (formally known as Lolli Waps), our “spicy” sister brand, which launched in 2021. Both brands follow the same essence of having a cute and comfy style while also being totally cruelty-free in the materials we use. 

At the heart of Lolli Wraps are the (water sign) duo, Tiana and Mia. Tiana, our founder and Mia, who has been a part of the Lolli Wraps X and now Lolli Wraps, story from the very beginning. 

When you reach out on socials or speak to customer service, it’s always one of us you’ll be chatting to. We like to keep things super personal, and get butterflies every time we see a repeat purchase or a selfie you’ve posted in our pieces! <3


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