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    13 products

    What makes our Lust range so special? 

     Well not only is the "leather" material vegan friendly but its also environmentally friendly! By being made from 100% degradable bio plant based corn peel.  

    Available in Liquorice Black, Cherry Red and Marshmallow White. Corn leather is super soft yet strong and is hydrolysis resistant meaning it's more breathable than synthetic leather.

    80% Biobased Carbon | 20%Fossil Carbon | 100% degradable | No plastic ingredients


    Biodegradable leather is made of biobased material, our biobased leather is made of corn starch. It is 100% sustainable and renewable and it is biodegradable and will not cause Carbon dioxide when it is biodegraded so it can reduce the influence on our environment.

    Sorry there are no extender straps for the lust collection at this stage.